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Alice Lund

Alice Lund (1900-1991)
Swedish textile artist Alice Lund was born in 1900. She studied at the College of Arts in Domnarvet. After finishing school, Alice started her textile studio in the late 1930s which focused primarily on textiles for private spaces. In the 1950s and 1960s, the studio shifted its focus slightly to include producing textiles and tapestries for public spaces. For these, Alice decided to partner with other artists like Sofia Widen (artistic director for church textile studio, Licium), thus largely growing her studio’s productions. After Widen’s death in 1961, Lund joined the two businesses and changed her studio’s name to Alice Lund – Sofia Widen AB. Lund’s work, while considered modern, drew most of its inspiration from nature. After selling the studio in 1964 to Sven Johansson, Lund stayed on as Artistic Director until 1970. Today, the studio continues Lund’s work, still focusing on textiles for both interior spaces and churches. Her work is showcased at the National Museum and Röhsska Museum.

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