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Tatinoya x FJ Hakimian


The weavers of Tatinoya exemplify how a traditional Kyoto art and craft has applied its precise techniques to satisfy contemporary tastes for natural wood. Testament to their innovation, Tatinoya received a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry award for its newest textile, ki-ori, or “woven wood” (木織り).  As makers of Kyoto’s revered Nishijin-style fabrics, Tatinoya adapted its techniques for weaving gold leaf into elaborate brocades to transform thin wood sheets, known as tennâge, into thread.

Tatinoya’s union of weaving with wood in ki-ori has fashioned a lightweight but durable and pliable material that remains resistant to bending through the aid of a natural resin. Ki-ori, moreover, preserves the original grain of the slice of wood. The total effect is appealing in its warm colors as well as soothing for its smoothness, matte sensibility and traces of its earthy scent. It is sewable, stable to surrounding climatic changes, water- and germ-resistant and enables 3D forms. This Tennage wood textile is a revolutionary new material with the charm of natural wood and artistic sensibilities of woven textiles.