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NEW MODERN COLLECTION: Wool, Silk & Hemp Fiber Blend Carpets

February 01, 2016

We have just launched an exciting new collection of signature modern design carpets at FJ Hakimian Gallery. Each design features a combination of wool, silk and hemp or nettle fiber, hand-crafted using cut pile & loop technique in all-natural materials by our artisans.


 'Endless Curls' design with wool and nettle

'Fiore' design with wool and nettle

 'Summit' design with wool and nettle

 'Bowtie' Design with blue silk accents

 'Bowtie' design with wool and hemp

'Bowtie' Design variations with wool, silk and hemp 

 'Boggeri' Design with silk and nettle, and wool and hemp

An array of the richest textures and modernist Scandinavian inspired patterns.

Information on custom carpets and many other innovative handwoven textiles from around the world are available here.


FJ Hakimian is the leading resource for custom, modern, vintage and antique carpets and textiles. Headquartered in New York City, FJ Hakimian connects weavers, textile artists, interior designers and architects throughout the world on a common thread that is the passion for quality hand-woven carpets, mats and textiles. 

Come visit us at  145 East 57th Street 2nd Floor NYC or stay connected via social media: