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November 17, 2015

“ I came across an extraordinary rug once in the apartment of designer Stephen Sills, a mat of plain woven organic fibers nobody but another decorator would notice. Obviously handmade and so chic (as Mies van der Rohe once said, the hardest thing to achieve is an interesting plainness). In that apartment, whatever’s on the floor must be pretty special. I finally decided it was so striking that I cast aside all my shame and asked Stephen where it came from. “ Joe Hakimian,” he answered. I was then introduced to a group of rugs Joe has developed which show his connoisseurship and eye for design.” - David Netto, David Netto Design


We recently launched a very exciting collection of natural plant fiber mats at FJ Hakimian Gallery, hand-made by artisans from the depths of the Amazon.



Our mats are made in a rural village in South America. Achieving health and sustainability in all aspects of work, education, and life is the guiding principle––honoring not just the product but also the people behind it and their culture. Mat-making helps preserve a local tradition and offers the community opportunities for more income and professional development. We are told that, in South American mythology, a thread represents life's fate woven into time. To our artisans, it also represents the fate and time that form a unique tapestry.



The fiber used in this collection of mats comes from what is commonly known as the cattail plant. This South American plant is found along the winding banks of the Amazon River.


The fiber is collected then skillfully woven by native artisans.


 Infused with cotton threads, the plant fibers are then braided, twisted and woven together to create an array of elegant patterns.



“FJ Hakimian offers things one can’t find anywhere else—extraordinary Swedish carpets, for instance—but the rustic style of those natural woven mats is still my favorite." - David Netto, David Netto Design


Ninety percent of our clients count country houses and beach homes among their properties. The subtle texture and natural colors of these mats work perfectly in those environments. The emphasis is on the texture: when put in a room with art, the mats compliment the art on the walls. At the same time, we see these mats as more than just floor coverings as each one is also a work of art, hand-woven by artisans. 

While FJ Hakimian's offerings span across many centuries and geographic areas, our focus has always been on dealing exclusively in hand-woven artful textiles and rugs. We deeply value the art of the craftsperson. We are forever romantics when it comes to admiring the spirit of the textile––the character that resides in each hand-woven piece. With contemporary collections such as the South American plant fiber mats, we have the pleasure of working not only with contemporary weavers of traditional techniques but also with architects and interior designers for custom compositions, which adds yet another dimension to the craft. The mats collection is not limited to the patterns that have been developed to date, and we look forward to collaborating with more architects and designers in the future.

FJ Hakimian is the leading resource for custom, modern, vintage and antique carpets and textiles. Headquartered in New York City, FJ Hakimian connects weavers, textile artists, interior designers and architects throughout the world on a common thread that is the passion for quality hand-woven carpets, mats and textiles. 

Come visit us at  145 East 57th Street 2nd Floor NYC or stay connected via social media:


145 East 57th Street 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10022
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145 East 57th Street 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10022

Gallery Hours:
Monday to Thursday 9:30am to 6:00pm
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By appointment only