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Greta Skogster-Lehtinen

Greta Skogster-Lehtinen (1900-1994)
Greta Skogster-Lehtinen was a Finnish textile artist noted for her tapestry weaving techniques and her hand-woven carpets. Her most distinguished projects were the commission from the Helsinki Parliament House and international exhibitions in Barcelona, Brussels, Milan, New York and Paris. Skogster-Lehtinen’s work is also showcased in the Design Museum in Helsinki.

Ingrid Dessau

Ingrid Dessau (1923-2000)
Swedish textile designer, Ingrid Dessau was born in the Skåne region of southern Sweden. Dessau studied at the technical school in Stockholm and in 1953, had her debut exhibition. From her exhibition, she gained worked as a designer for Kasthall’s carpet factory, later moving to work at Kinnasand’s. The focus for her work was primarily rugs and textiles. She achieved commissions from banks, embassies and museums.

Judith Johansson

Judith Johansson was a textile artist in Swedish during the mid-20th century. Her style, typical of Swedish fold designs, featured a variety of colors and patters inspired by nature and geometry. The popularity of her designs led to her opening a weaving studio in 1938 wit her husband in Knäred, Sweden and in 1945 she was working for Nordiska Kompaniet department stores designing their carpets. By the 1950s, Johansson’s carpets and textiles could be seen in churches and embassies. Her work was immensely popular and earned her many awards.