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Agda Österberg

Agda Österberg (1891 – 1987)
Stockholm-based textile designer. Joined textile studio Libaria in 1924 where she served as Director and Artistic Director for ten years. In 1933 she started Three Streams in Varnhem where she created many church textiles and carpets for public areas. Her compositions are purely abstract or stylized plant motifs of the often strong color tones.

Elsa Gullberg

Elsa Gullberg (1886-1984)
Swedish textile artist Elsa Gullberg had an early beginning with weaving textiles. She studied art and design in Stockholm in the early 1900s and soon after started designed fabrics for other artisans and mass production. She started her own design studio Elsa Gullberg Textilier in 1927 which specialized in carpet and wall hanging design. 1955, Elsa stepped down and her daughter Elsa-Maria took charge of the studio. Today she is known as one of the first textile designers to look at the industrial limitations for textile fabrication.

Marianne Richeter

Marianne Richter (1916-2010)
Swedish textile artist Marianne Richter, was known primarily for her use of color and and her many woven tapestries. She studied at Kunstfack and continued on to teach there as well as work for the handicrafts association in Kronoberg. She did this until 1942 where began working at Märta Måås-Fjetterström AM under Barbro Nilsson.

Ingrid Hellman-Knafve

Ingrid Hellman–Knafve (b. 1907)
Ingrid Hellman–Knafve was educated at Maria Nordenfeldts School of Textiles, in Sweden. Shortly after graduation she established her own studio in Kinna, where she employed seven weavers.

During the 1930s she produced carpets for architect Otto Schultz in Gothenberg, who was known for his large-scale interiors. In 1944 Hellman –Knafve was invited to exhibit at Svenskt Tenn in Strandvägen, Stockholm, which proved to be a huge success. Subsequent to this, Svenskt Tenn ordered a great many pieces from her up until the early 1960s.

Brita Grahn

Brita Grahn (b.1907)
Brita Grahn, Swedish textile artist, was born in 1907. From 1932 to 1940, she had her own textile studio Textura in Uppsala, Sweden. She later went on to become the artistic director of AB Robert Ditzingers weaving studio in Sundbyberg, Sweden. Her experimentation in carpet technique, ranging from flossa, reliefflossa, rölakan and tapestry techniques, Grahn has had solo exhibitions in Stockholm and Gothenburg. She has also participated in group exhibitions in Stockholm and Zurich.