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Moroccan Tribal Weavings

F.J. Hakimian, the preeminent supporter and curator of antique carpets and tapestries, is pleased to announce Moroccan Tribal Weavings, a collection of timeless designs from Morocco’s semi-nomadic Berber tribes –the Beni-Ouaraïn of the Middle Atlas region, and the tribes that inhabit the Azilal province of the High Atlas region.

When Modernism was new, Aalvar Aalto, Frank Lloyd Wright, Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann and Le Corbusier were among the architects and designers who used these soft, natural rugs as a foil for their austere interiors.

Contemporary designers are now responding with the same enthusiasm as their predecessors, seeking these rugs with renewed fervor. Neo-Modernists and more frankly contemporary masters find their light color, softness, sheen and loose weave are ideal for today’s barefoot life style, the new pales and light-filled interiors.

Interior Design by Katherine Newman Interiors. 2006 Kips Bay Showhouse.

The thick, long strands prompted one designer to say “it is like having a bearskin in the house,” and indeed, these rugs were originally woven for warmth in the winter, and decoration in the summer. They are constructed in the typical Berber knot, which encircles two strands of the warp instead of one, making them particularly supple.

Although Morocco’s color-saturated decoration and dress have long inspired artists such as Matisse, the rugs from the northeastern, altitudinous colder climate present a more subtle tradition. Woven from un-dyed, natural wool, the field is cream and the decoration is picked out in delicate lines of a henna-like brown. In some rugs, pile alternates with bands of flat weave, and color from natural dyes picked up at a market. The deep pile from the sheep of the sunny mountainside grazing lands is so highly prized that Mr. Hakimian’s weavers in other parts of the world have inquired as to the feasibility of importing it for use in their rugs.

Modern masters who have used these rugs include Jacques Grange, Philippe Starck, Peter Marino, and Stephen Sills of Sills Huniford Associates. Sills says, “I love the ethnic quality of the hand –the worn yarn, the beautiful color of the natural dyes, the earth tones –a wonderful decorative concept that is so right for today.”
  #15267 Boujad Carpet, 10'11" × 4'2"  

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    #15192 Touareg Mat, 14'9" × 10'5"  
Preview An Interactive Demonstration of Moroccan Tribal Weavings
    #15382 Berber Carpet, 12'7" × 9'2"  
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