For over 30 years, FJ Hakimian has been the premier resource for antique carpets and tapestries, with an extensive collection of classic pieces from the major weaving areas of the world. We have also recognized the excellence of early twentieth century design in carpets with a pioneering collection of Art Deco and Swedish works.

Now, we are pleased to add another dimension to our gallery. Our new Custom Collection makes available the extraordinary carpets in our archive so

that you can adapt unique period designs to any color range and size.

Each Custom carpet is hand-made according to the highest standards of quality and design. At the same time, we are constantly developing new techniques and textures that innovate on the traditions of fine carpet weaving. Custom represents a new crossroads of form and craft, where we can tailor each fabrication to meet the needs of sophisticated interiors and lifestyles.

Through our Custom program, we can also create carpets of your own design, by commission.

We invite you to preview the possibilities of our Custom collection, and to make an appointment with our gallery to see the full range of our offering.


Helix (gold)


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