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Showroom The F.J. Hakimian collection of decorative antique European and Oriental carpets is one of the finest ever assembled and represents most of the important carpet, rug and tapestry weaving areas around the globe. Among the unique antique pieces in our collection are outstanding carpets from Sultanabad, Tabriz, Oushak, Khotan and Agra along with Aubussons, Savonneries,
Bessarabians and Needlepoints of exceptional quality. They range in size from small area rugs to magnificent 12-by-18 foot carpets and oversized pieces as much as 40 feet long. Our collection dates from the early 18th century through the Art Deco period and is chosen with an American or European aesthetic in mind. Our decorative Persian carpets, for instance,
Showroom reveal softer color palettes and more architectural designs than is associated with traditional "ethnic" styles and as such, like all our antique carpets, are ideal decorative complements to Western interiors and styles.

Supporting our service is a highly regarded rug and textile restoration and conservation service, which employs over 20 expert
conservators and weavers. We can undertake to clean and repair even the most severely damaged antique carpet or period tapestry while preserving its essential character and enhancing its value.

#3418 Viennese Carpet, 16'2" × 12'8"


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    #22121 Persian Flat Weave, 16'8" × 9'6"  



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    #3422 Swedish Rya, 12'4" × 9'10"  
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